Lady Carlotta and the Devil’s Punchbowl

This is the last in a series of blog entries about Lady Carlotta. The originals were submitted in the form of an illustrated sketchbook called “The Lady Aeronaut: Seven True Stories about Carlotta Myers” to the Art House Co-Op Sketchbook Project in 2011. The sketchbook is now The Brooklyn Art Library in New York City, where it has been scanned and digitized–click here to read it on their website.

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Lady Carlotta in New York City

Mary “Carlotta” Myers and her husband Carl gave so many balloon demonstrations that they could operate like a well-oiled machine. They would arrive at a venue around noon, set up their equipment, produce the hydrogen and inflate the balloon, manage Carlotta’s ascent, flight and descent, and pack everything away, leaving the grounds clear for an evening’s band concert.

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Lady Carlotta and the Storm

Throughout the 1880s, Carl and Carlotta Myers gave hundreds of balloon demonstrations at fairs and exhibitions all over North America. Later, they estimated that they had carried a quarter of a million balloon passengers, most of them involving short rides in balloons that were tethered to the ground.

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Lady Carlotta in Ottawa

Using her stage name “Lady Carlotta,” Mary Breed (Hawley) Myers became one of the most expert aeronauts of her time. Between 1880 and 1890, she made more balloon ascensions than anyone else in North America. This is the true story of one of her adventures.

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Lady Carlotta and the Forest Fire

Mary “Lady Carlotta” Myers and her husband Carl lived in a house near Mohawk, New York, that became known as The Balloon Farm. In the summer months, it was often surrounded by half-inflated balloons, which gave the appearance of strange crops growing on the lawn.

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Lady Carlotta’s Tree Adventure

Mary Breed Myers (nee Hawley) and her husband Carl lived in upstate New York. They spent the winter months studying aeronautics, navigation and meteorology, and the summer months conducting experiments and giving balloon demonstrations.

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