Anthony: A Great Knight


Anthony was a knight who fought in many famous battles and tournaments.  He was also a scholar and a poet, and he published one of the first books in English. You can learn more about him in this Wikipedia article.

When he was about 19, his sister announced that she had secretly married the king of England (King Edward IV).

Soon afterward, Anthony was also married. He and his wife didn’t have any children, but he had a daughter with his girlfriend, Gwenillian. We’re descended from this daughter:  Margaret Woodville.

For ten years, Anthony was in charge of the household of his little nephew, the Prince of Wales. Then the King died suddenly. Overnight, the 12-year old Prince became “King Edward V.”

Anthony was asked to take the boy to London to be crowned. But they never made it. The dead king’s brother wanted the throne for himself, so Anthony was intercepted on the road back to London. He was given a fake trial, found guilty, and beheaded.

The 12-year-old was thrown into prison with his half-brother, and the two “Princes in the Tower” were never seen again. Instead, the dead king’s brother was crowned: King Richard III.

Anthony’s parents were Richard Woodville and Jacquetta De Luxembourg.

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Sources [pdf]


Anthony (kneeling, second from left) and William Caxton (dressed in black) present their book to King Edward IV. (Lambeth Palace Library, MS 265, London, England.)


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