Ann: Scolds her Son


My ancestor Ann Poyntz married Francis More in 1588, and they lived in Wivelsfield, Sussex, England. Their house was called More House, and it’s still standing.

Photo of More House from Tricia King 2014-11-19c

Photo of More House kindly provided by Tricia King

Ann and Francis had six sons and two daughters. We’re descended from their eldest son Thomas, who was selfish and proud.

When Ann’s husband made his will in 1617, he put Thomas in charge of all the money, with instructions to share it with his brothers and sisters. Thomas didn’t obey. He kept it all for himself.

Thirty years later, when Ann was dying, she begged Thomas to pay the amount owing “without spite or controversy.” She especially wanted her son Walter to receive some money, since he’d been taking care of her for eight years “because of her great age and other infirmities.”

In the end, Ann didn’t really trust Thomas to carry out her wishes, so she “set aside rank and tradition” and put Walter in charge of her will instead.

To Thomas she left just a small amount of money, and to Thomas’s wife she left her best petticoat!

Ann’s father was William Poyntz (c1544-1601).

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Sources [pdf]

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