A.P. Knight Grows Up


When Archie Knight was 15 years old, his father died suddenly of pneumonia. Archie was a scholar at heart, but money was desperately needed to keep the large family going. So he left school and joined his mother and siblings in the struggle to make ends meet.

Later, he wrote: “I had tasted life on the farm and life in the lumber camps and loathed both of them.”

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Archibald Patterson Knight (1849-1935) was the cousin of my great-grandfather “Curly Bill” from the Old Peterson Road story. Both Archie and Curly Bill were grandsons of The Old Soldier, Thomas Knight (1790-1879).

Even though Archie isn’t in my direct family line, I started to research him because he lived here in my own neighbourhood. A lot of his friends and colleagues are mentioned in the books and articles that I use in my job at the library. This sequence 52 Queen’s Crescent will include 51 short episodes about Archie and his family. See if you agree with me that they add up to quite a story!

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