The Old Soldier: Thomas Knight

british soldiers 1814

October 1806

When my ancestor Thomas Knight was just sixteen years old, he signed up with the British Army. Six years later, after fighting in Spain, Holland, and France, he was sent to North America to fight in the War of 1812.

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2 comments on “The Old Soldier: Thomas Knight

  1. CoachCarole says:

    These illustrated family history stories are unique – impressive artwork. This gives colour and emotion to a brief timeline in The Old Soldier’s Life – very readable. You have inspired me to consider how to create suitable graphics to illustrate. Wondering if these are your creations and how they were made?

    • everdello says:

      Thanks so much for your comment! I really appreciate it. Yes, I draw them myself. Sometimes I trace bits from reference photos and incorporate those into the pictures as well. I do the line-art with black Staedtler sketch pens and fill in with watercolour or Prismacolour markers. You could do it, too! There are tons of royalty-free photos on Wikimedia Commons, Pixabay, MorgueFile and other sites. Cheers and thanks again for your comment!

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